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MPH Curriculum

This is a cooperative program and courses are taught by both SDSU and USD.

Master of Public Health: Total 42 Credit Hours

Graduate Catalog

MPH Core Courses (33 credits)

Course NumberCourse Name
PUBH 701 Biostatistics for Public Health
PUBH 702 Public Health Theory and Practice
PUBH 710 Epidemiology
PUBH 733 Environmental Health
PUBH 740 Intro to US Health Systems and Policy
PUBH 750 Social & Behavioral Sciences in Public Health
PUBH 755 Program Planning and Evaluation
PUBH 760 Public Health and Native American Communities
PUBH 721 Applied Practice Experience I
PUBH 722 Applied Practice Experience II
PUBH 723 Applied Practice Experience III
PUBH 729 Leadership and Project Management in Public Health
PUBH 730 Integrative Learning Experience

Supporting Courses (9 credits; 6 credits must be from PUBH prefix courses)

Available through SDSU

Course NumberCourse Name
PUBH 762 Cultural Perspectives in Public Health
PUBH 751 Public Mental Health
PUBH 540 Health Geography
PUBH 764 Applied Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health
PUBH 761 Social Epidemiology
PUBH 767 Public Health Toxicology
NUTR 715 Public Health Nutrition
NUTR 761 Nutrition and Aging
NUTR 724 Nutrition Education in the Community
NUTR 660 Maternal and Child Nutrition
NUTR 727 Obesity Across the Lifespan
NUTR 760 Vitamins and Minerals in Human Nutrition
NUTR 761 Nutrition and Aging
NURS 670 Health Policy, Legislation, Economics and Ethics
NURS 675 Cultural Competence in Health Care
NURS 760 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Across the Lifespan

Available through USD

Course NumberCourse Name
ADS 754 Public Policy and Addiction
HSAD 559 Health Service for Long Term Care
HSAD 560 Administration of Long Term Care
HSAD 710 Advanced Strategic Mgmt of Healthcare Organizations
HSAD 740 Advanced Healthcare Systems
HSAD 770 Managing Health Services Resources
SOCW 600 Social Policy Analysis
SOCW 640 Diversity and Social Justice in Rural and Urban Communities
PUBH 711 Topics in Applied Biostatistics
PUBH 770 Public Health Immunology
PUBH 763 Causal Inference in Public Health
PUBH 765 Community Health Assessment and Action Planning
PUBH 792 Public Health Topics
HSC 575 Process and Outcomes Evaluation
OCTH 733 Promotion of Health and Prevention of Disability