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Lab Photos

"2009 FASEB Conference"
"2011 "It's gonna be a strike""
"2011 Competitive pipet tip stuffing"
2009 FASEB Conference2011 "It's gonna be a strike"2011 Competitive pipet tip stuffing
"2012 "We are full steam ahead""
"2013 A New Challenge After PhD Defense"
"2013 FASEB Conference - New Animal Model?"
2012 "We are full steam ahead"2013 A New Challenge After Ph.D. Defense2013 FASEB Conference - New Animal Model?
"2014 Lab In a "Box""
"2016 Lab - Avera"
"2016 Lab - At the Big Sioux River"
2014 Lab In a "Box"2015 Lab - Avera Health and Science Center2016 Lab - At the Big Sioux River
"2017 Lab - Weary Wil and Dirty Lil Statues"
"2017 Lab - Happy Birthdays""
"2017 Lab - Split Rock Park"
2016 Lab - Weary Wil and Dirty Lil Statues2017 Lab - Happy Birthdays2017 Lab - Split Rock Park
"TeamLINE1 dinner"
"2019 FASEB Mobile DNA Conference"
Heather and Simon
2018 Lab - Indian Palace, Fargo2019 FASEB Mobile DNA Conference2019 Lab - Training REEU Summer Scholar
"TeamLINE1 College GameDay"
anlab picnic
lab photo 2021
2019 Lab - ESPN College GameDay2020 Lab - Two Ph.D. celebratory barbecue2021 Lab - Spring Semester
Undergraduate Student Working on Cell Culture
2022 Lab - Undergraduate Summer Research