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Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

First Year Credits
Introduction to the Pharmacy Profession, PHA 119 1
General Chemistry, CHEM 112-112L, 114-114L 8
General Biology, BIOL 151-151L 4
Composition I, ENGL 101 3
Fundamentals of Speech, SPCM 101 3
Survey of Calculus, MATH 121-121L 5
*Humanities & Arts/Diversity 6
+General Elective 3
Total 33
Second Year Credits
Fundamentals of Health Care Practice I, PHA 219 1
Organic Chemistry, CHEM 326-326L, 328-328L 8
General Microbiology, MICR 231-231L 4
Anatomy, BIOL 221-221L 4
Physiology, BIOL 325-325L 4
Composition II, ENGL 201 3
Principles of Microeconomics, ECON 201 3
*Social Sciences/Diversity 3
Introduction to Statistics, STAT 281 3
Total 33

*These courses should be selected to satisfy the general education (SGR) courses as described in the SDSU Undergraduate Catalog.

+General electives are a College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions requirement and can be from any discipline but must be completed by the end of the P2 year.  For all students, general elective credits can include credits in excel of System Graduation Requirements (SGRs).

Students with a bachelor’s degree are not required to complete the general education requirements unless they wish to receive the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the end of the P2 year.

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