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Pharm.D. Curriculum

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Professional Program Curriculum

PHA 313, Pharmacy Calculations1 
PHA 323, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry4 
PHA 324, Biomedical Science I 4
PHA 326L, Integrated Pharmacy Laboratory I 1
PHA 331, Pharmaceutics I4 
PHA 332, Pharmaceutics II 2
PHA 340, Medicinal Chemistry I3 
PHA 341, Medicinal Chemistry II 3
PHA 342, Self Care Pharmacotherapeutics I 1
PHA 352, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology I3 
PHA 353, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology II 3
PHA 363L, Pharmacy Skills Laboratory I1 
PHA 364L, Pharmacy Skills Laboratory II 2
PHA 367, Pharmacy Practice I: Introduction to Pharmacy Practice1 
PHA 368, Pharmacy Practice II: Drug Information and Communication 2
Total Semester Credits1718

NOTE: Introduction to Statistics (STAT 281) or equivalent must be completed prior to the beginning of the P2 year (See pre-pharmacy requirements).

 Summer FallSpring
PHA 415, Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics 4 
PHA 419, Fundamentals of Health Care Practice II  1
PHA 425, Biomedical Science II 3 
PHA 426L, Integrated Pharmacy Laboratory II  1
PHA 430, Pharmacy Practice Law  3
PHA 445, Pharmacotherapeutics I 3 
PHA 446, Pharmacotherapeutics II  3
PHA 452, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology III 4 
PHA 453, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology IV  4
PHA 463L, Pharmacy Skills Laboratory III 2 
PHA 464L, Pharmacy Skills Laboratory IV  2
PHA 467, Pharmacy Practice III: Research Evaluation and Pharmacoeconomics 2 
PHA 468, Pharmacy Practice IV: Medication Safety and Sterile Compounding  2
PHA 410, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) I (summer)13  
Total Semester Credits231816
PHA 719L, Pharmacy Capstone  1
PHA 724, U.S. Health Care Systems  2
PHA 726, Integrated Pharmacy Laboratory III 1 
PHA 727, Professional Resources Management 4 
PHA 741, Public and Population Health  2
PHA 742, Self Care Pharmacotherapeutics II 2 
PHA 756, Pharmacotherapeutics III 4 
PHA 757, Pharmacotherapeutics IV 4 
PHA 761, Pharmacotherapeutics V  5
PHA 762, Pharmacotherapeutics VI  5
PHA 763L, Pharmacy Skills Laboratory V 1 
PHA 764L, Pharmacy Skills Laboratory VI  1
Pharmacy Elective3 23
PHA 610, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) II (summer)13  
Total Semester Credits31819
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE)4Credits
PHA 714, Community Pharmacy5
PHA 716, Hospital/Institutional Pharmacy Practice5
PHA 772, Internal Medicine I5
PHA 774, Ambulatory Care5
Assigned APPE (see below)10
Elective APPE (see below)10
Total Credits40
Assigned APPE (choose 2)Credits
PHA 700, Directed Studies5
PHA 706, Critical Care5
PHA 707, Infectious Disease5
PHA 717, Comm Health & Patient Monitoring5
PHA 770, Pediatrics5
PHA 771, Geriatrics5
PHA 773, Internal Medicine II5
PHA 775, Psychiatry5
Elective APPE (choose 2)Credits
PHA 700, Directed Studies5
PHA 701, Home Health/Hospice5
PHA 702, Indian Health Services5
PHA 703, Pharmacy Administration5
PHA 705, Clinical Research5
PHA 712, Nuclear Pharmacy5
PHA 713, Managed Care5
PHA 715, Community Pharmacy Systems5
PHA 717, Community Health and Patient Monitoring5
PHA 718, Long Term Care5
PHA 778, Compounding5
PHA 779, Academic5
PHA 780, International Pharmacy Experience5
APPEs not utilized from list of Assigned APPEs

1PHA 410, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I (IPPE I) is completed prior to beginning of the P2 year; PHA 610 (IPPE II) is completed in the summer prior to the fall semester of the P3 year.

2Eligible for Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences after completion of P2 year if general education core is also completed.

3PHA-prefix electives are included in per-semester PharmD tuition. Tuition for PUBH-prefix electives is charged on a per-credit basis in addition to the PharmD tuition fee.

4Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) are completed during summer, fall and spring semesters.