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How to Apply Pharm.D.

Application Requirements

For application to the Pharm.D. Program, you’ll need to submit:

  • The completed application
  • Official transcripts
  • Contact information for two references
  • Documentation of your ACT, SAT or PCAT scores
  • A short essay on the topic of “Why I want to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at SDSU”
  • A completed shadowing form

Additional Requirements

International applicants will need to submit a professional academic transcript evaluation with their application. Please visit the SDSU Graduate School website for more information.

Prior to final selection, an interview with the Pharmacy Admissions Committee is required of all applicants.

Students who are selected are required to send $600 of their fall semester pharmacy major fee at the time they accept the position.

Also, students who are selected must authorize a criminal background check as directed in the acceptance materials.


Shadowing Requirements

What are pharmacy shadowing experiences?

Shadowing refers to an experience in which a student observes a pharmacist and/or participates in some tasks related to pharmacy practice for the purpose of learning about the day-to-day professional responsibilities of a pharmacist in that particular practice setting. Working in a pharmacy in some capacity, such as a pharmacy technician, is included as shadowing experiences.

NOTE: Since shadowing experiences take place in professional pharmacy practice settings, students should be sure to dress professionally. Examples of dress that students should generally avoid include: garish fashions or hair color; obtrusive or multiple earrings; studs in nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows; visible tattoos; clothing with a low-cut front or with mid-section skin showing and jeans or t-shirts. If in doubt, contact the pharmacist with whom you will be shadowing.

How much shadowing is necessary to satisfy the Pharm.D. application requirement?

Shadowing experiences (which includes Pharmacy employment) are required as part of the application process for the pharmacy professional program. The Admissions Committee of the College believes that shadowing (or work) experiences are valuable for the student to discover more about the profession. The minimum requirement is to shadow a pharmacist at for 8 hours. Shadowing for 8 hours satisfies this portion of the application requirement at the minimum level. Shadowing beyond the minimum requirement is encouraged.


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