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AnLab People

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Wenfeng An
Jacob Devine

Wenfeng An

Principal Investigator

Jacob Devine

Undergraduate Student

Trenton LaCanne

Undergraduate Student
Lingqi (Birch) Kong
Partha Saha
Simon Newkirk

Lingqi (Birch) Kong

Graduate Student

Partha Saha

Graduate Student

Simon Newkirk

Postdoctoral Scholar



Karly Ackermann, Graduate Research Assistant (South Dakota State University)

Victoria Bishop, Undergraduate Student (South Dakota State University)

Savannah Broadlick, Undergraduate Student (Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences MD Program)

Frieda Chan, Post-Baccalaureate Student (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Heather Collazo, Undergraduate Student (FAST REEU; University of South Dakota)

Fiorella Grandi, Undergraduate Student (Stanford University PhD Program)

Chase Habben, Undergraduate Student (University of South Dakota MD Program)

George Hu, Bioinformatician (Daktronics)

Mason Jones, Undergraduate Student (University of South Dakota MD Program)

Asri King, Undergraduate Student (University of Minnesota PharmD Program)

Suman Lee, Postdoctoral Research Associate (National Cancer Center, South Korea)

Patrick Pacyga, Post-Baccalaureate Student (University of Washington DDS Program)

Tetiana Pyatokha, Undergraduate Student (Wells Fargo)

Jena Rathert, Undergraduate Student (South Dakota State University PharmD Program)

James Rosser, Graduate Student (Seattle Children's Research Institute)

Matthew Schmit, Undergraduate Student (Multi-Site Youth Coordinator)

Tina Thompson, Research Assistant (Trauma Research, LLC)

Nicole Vanden Berg, Undergraduate Research Assistant (University of Minnesota DVM Program)

Yi Xie, Postdoctoral Research Associate (Weill Medical College of Cornell University)

Changfeng Yao, Visiting Scholar (Anhui University of Chinese Medicine)

Jun Yin, Postdoctoral Research Associate (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)

* Current Affiliation in Parentheses