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Policies and Procedures

Stall Coverage

The parking permit shall correspond with the permit sign posted on the entrance to parking lots. The standard is one vehicle per stall.

Permit Placement

Parking permits must be displayed on the lower, inside corner on the driver's side of the windshield. Failure to properly display the permit will result in ticketing and will not be considered a valid excuse for dismissal.

Motorcycle and ATV Permit Placement

Permits are to be displayed on a visible area on the front of the vehicle. Covers should be adjusted to avoid concealing the permit. ATVs are to display a motor vehicle permit on the front of the vehicle in a secure manner. A lockable permit display sleeve is available for purchase at the University Bookstore and the Parking Services Office.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles utilizing a Commuter, Reserved, Resident, or Remote permit are allowed to park in either designated motorcycle/moped parking areas or within a parking stall that correlates with the parking permit. 

Motorcycles utilizing a Motorcycle permit may only park in designated motorcycle/moped parking areas.

All-Terrain Vehicle Parking

ATVs are only allowed to park in lots that correlate with the parking permit that is displayed on the vehicles. They are to park within regular vehicle parking stalls.

Moped/Scooter Parking

Mopeds/scooters are to park in designated motorcycle/moped parking areas located on campus. Mopeds/scooters may not park at or near bicycle racks or locked to any object on campus. Improperly parked or abandoned mopeds/scooters are subject to relocation, towing, or impounding.

Multiple/Substitute Vehicles

In the case that a permit holder owns multiple vehicles and uses a substitute vehicle, the permit holder is responsible for transferring the parking permit. All substitute vehicles must be registered to the Parking Services Office.

Changes in Classification

If a permit holder's campus classification changes (student, faculty, staff, etc.), their vehicle and permit must be re-registered with the Parking Services Office.

Permit Resale and Transferring

Permits may only be sold by the University and not offered for resale or exchange between, among, or by individuals. Permits are transferable from one vehicle to another, but each vehicle must be registered to the Parking Services Office.

Termination of Campus Residence

When a student holding a Residential Permit no longer resides in a residence hall, the student is required to turn in the permit within 10 days from the termination date of their residence hall contract, at which time a refund will be issued according to the refund policy.

Parking Maps

The University reserves the right to adjust permit and lot designations shown on the Campus Parking Map. Lot designations may be modified at any time by the Parking Services Office. Such changes will be posted online. Any campus map related to parking must be approved by the Parking Services Office before being published.


If you need to load or unload a vehicle, contact the Parking Services Office with approximate times, location, vehicle type, and license plate information. If possible, authorization will be granted or an alternative area assigned. You must move your vehicle to a legal parking stall as soon as loading or unloading is complete.

Vehicle Storage

Parking lots are not to be used as storage facilities for vehicles while the owner/operator is not on campus. Any vehicle that has been left unattended for more than seven days will be considered abandoned and towed at the owner's expense. Exceptions include vehicles parked in the Remote lot east of the Performing Arts Center during academic breaks and/or university trips.


If a vehicle has accumulated three outstanding citations or an outstaning balance of $150 or more, the vehicle is subject to towing or immobilization at the owner's expense. Any vehicle registered to an SDSU employee or student that is parked in visitor parking is subject to immediate towing. The owner is required to pay all unpaid citations in full at the Parking Services Office before the vehicle is removed from impound. Towing is contracted through a private vendor. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to contact the towing company for payment.

Notification of Procedural Changes

All changes shall have an effective date and be communicated to the Parking and Traffic Committee, Parking Citations Appeals Board, Parking Services Office, University Police Department, Facilities and Services, and the campus community.