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Animal Science scholarships

Over $100,000 in scholarships are awarded by the Department to Animal Science majors each year! Scholarships are awarded to Jackrabbit Guarantee recipients, judging team members, and many other top students. Scholarships are an integral part of SDSU Animal Science. The Department appreciates the generosity of the organizations and individuals, as well as their families and friends that make scholarships available. 

The Animal Science Department uses the general online scholarship application form that the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences uses. The form can be found at MyState.

Please follow the directions below to apply for Department scholarships:

  1. If you are a recipient of a Jackrabbit Guarantee, you are required to fill out the application to be eligible to receive your Jackrabbit Guarantee.
  2. On your application, please describe experiences you may have had with various species of livestock. Also indicate your career interest in a specific discipline, such as nutrition, genetics, reproduction, natural resource management, and so forth.
  3. Note: Incoming freshmen will need to complete the general SDSU scholarship application, not this form. The general application may be obtained from the SDSU Admissions Office, (605) 688-4121, or the SDSU Financial Aid Office, (605) 688-4695.


An additional opportunity in the Animal Science Department is the Embry and Klosterman Work Assistance Program. Similar to a work-study position, these funds are provided to pays students working in a laboratory or livestock unit on campus.

  • Applications are available at the Department of Animal Science front desk in September.




Updated 12/22/16

Animal Science academics

Animal Science is the study of animals and animal products. The Animal Science discipline includes education about the technology of breeding, feeding, producing, managing, evaluating, and marketing animals, as well as the processing and marketing of animal products.

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Animal Science Undergraduate programs

The Department offers the baccalaureate degree with a major in Animal Science. Animal Science students have a choice of Industry or Science emphases. The Department has 16 full-time faculty members involved in the teaching program. There are more than 300 undergraduates enrolled, and over 1,500 students are served yearly in the 27 undergraduate courses offered by the department.

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Animal Science Graduate programs

The Department of Animal Science offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Animal Science, or the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biological Sciences. Faculty and graduate students are actively involved in basic and/or applied research in the fields of nutrition, reproductive physiology, muscle biology, animal breeding, meat science, and animal production.

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