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Campanile Records

Sound board

Campanile Records is the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center's in-house audio recording service capable of producing digital 32-track recordings with a Pro Tools HD system. The dedicated engineers have experience working with a wide variety of projects. From small voice over projects and band demos to large choirs, symphony orchestras and concert bands, Campanile Records does it all. For prices and available times, contact Jay Vanduch.

Our Services

  • Stereo Archival Recording: A simple audio recording of your performance or event at the PAC. Tracks are unedited; just the way your audience heard it.
  • Multitrack Recording: Use the powerhouse Mac Pro running Pro Tools HD to create your next masterpiece. Let your unique project become our passion. 
  • For Sale Recording: High-quality recording, mixing, editing, duplication, artwork, sales and licensing.