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Senior Exit Survey

Senior Exit Survey: 2021-2022

With post-college life on the horizon, 1,877 graduating seniors reflect on their stay at SDState. 
During summer 2018, a representative taskforce (including individuals from each College, Office of Career Development, and Office of Institutional Research and Assessment) designed a survey to collect information on graduating students’ overall perceptions of their undergraduate experience, abilities and knowledge related to general education goals, participation in High Impact Practices (HIPs), satisfaction with student service offices, and their graduate education aspirations. This information helps inform strategies and goals for improving undergraduate students’ educational experiences at SDSU. The 2018-19 academic year was the pilot year for the survey. The results below are from the 2021-2022 survey.

Methods and analysis: 
A majority of graduating seniors who completed the graduation application also participated in the Senior Exit Survey (93.3% response rate). The survey instrument consists of 50 questions in closed-ended response format.  

The survey had items related to   

  • Overall experiences
  • General education goals
  • High-Impact Practices (HIPs)
  • Graduate School aspirations
  • Student Services

1,877 senior students participated in the 2021-2022 Senior Exit Survey (267 from summer 2021, 450 from fall 2021, and 1,160 from spring 2022). 

Descriptive statistics were used for each survey item. Moderately agreed/satisfied, agreed/satisfied, and strongly agreed/satisfied selections were combined to produce percentages of agreement and satisfaction.

Overall Satisfaction with Educational Experience.

Received high quality of education
Achieved their educational goals
Were prepared to be successful
Had their educational expectations met
Were satisfied with their experience at SDState
Would recommend SDState to others

General Educational Goals

Felt they improved their ability to write effectively and responsibly
Felt they improved their ability to communicate effectively and responsibly
Felt they improved their knowledge in social sciences
Felt they improved their knowledge in arts and humanities
Felt they improved their knowledge in mathematical processes and reasoning
Felt they improved their knowledge in natural sciences

Graduate School

Have plans of pursuing a graduate degree