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SDSU Assessment Academy

Assessment Overview

Assessment at SDSU is focused on improving student learning through program/unit assessment. It is a collaborative process that includes faculty, students, staff, and administrators. A strong assessment program and culture will help make SDSU a competitive and innovative institution focused on student learning.

What is the Quality Initiative?

SDSU is Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accredited and an open pathway institution.  As part of the Open Pathway, SDSU is required to design and implement a Quality Initiative (QI) project during Years 5-9 of their accreditation cycle.  You can read more about the Quality Initiative on the HLC website.

For our QI project, we have elected to participate in an HLC facilitated program called Assessment Academy.

What is the SDSU Assessment Academy?

The SDSU Assessment Academy is a 3-year cohort model that has two primary goals.  First, the SDSU Assessment Academy is focused on helping programs and units to develop consistent, high-quality and sustainable program level assessment plans, which are used to make continuous improvements.  Second, the SDSU Assessment Academy expands the scope of assessment to include co-curricular activities and events.

Assessment Academy Overview

  • Opening Session - What does a strong culture of assessment look like?
  • Session 1 - Guiding Principles and Student Learning Outcomes
  • Session 2 - Cross-Curricular Skills, Transferable Skills and Co-curricular Domains
  • Session 3 - Assessment Design and Methods
  • Session 4 - Open Work Session (*Update Outcomes and Planning)
  • Session 5 - Closing the Loop and Cycle of Inquiry
  • Session 6 - Assessment Communication and Hot Topics in Assessment
  • Session 7 - Open Work Session
  • Assessment of Learning Showcase 2016-17 Program
  • Assessment of Learning Showcase 2017-18 Program
  • Assessment of Learning Showcase 2018-19 Program

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