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General Education Assessment Findings and Reporting

Use of Assessment Findings

The fundamental purpose of assessment is to obtain information about what students have and have not learned.  These findings can then be used by faculty to help students improve their learning. 

The results of the assessments of student learning and achievement within the general education curriculum will be reviewed by the general education sub-committee and shared with course instructors, administrators and made available on the general education website.  Academic departments and colleges, in partnership with the general education sub-committee will use the results to make improvements to general education curriculum and/or assessment. The results will also be used to provide professional development opportunities to support faculty and enhance general education student learning.


Each fall semester, the assistant vice president of institutional research and assessment will compile results into the General Education Assessment report. The draft report will be reviewed by the general education sub-committee and the Academic Affairs Committee. This annual report will also be shared with the South Dakota Board of Regents Office as requested.