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Assessment Workshops

Assessment 101: Participants learned about common assessment terminology and key elements of the assessment of student learning.

Classrooms Assessment Techniques (CATs) :Participants identified the key elements of Classroom Assessment Techniques and explored tools and strategies for determining one’s teaching effectiveness.

Cross-curricular skills assessment: Diversity, inclusion, and equity. Participants explored student learning outcomes (SLOs) related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. In addition, participants were introduced to assessment methods to measure diversity, inclusion, and equity learning outcomes.

Assessment Results: Using learning evidence effectively. This workshop provided an overview of making data-informed decisions using your assessment results.

IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction: Faculty review policies and procedures for the IDEA survey. Faculty also review the process for selecting learning objectives and creating value.

IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction report: Faculty review IDEA reports and consider how they can use results to strengthen teaching and classroom experiences.

General Education Rubric Norming: Faculty work together and practice using the general education rubric on samples of student work and shared understanding of how to apply the criteria.

Assessing student learning using Rubrics: Participants consider the purpose and good principles of rubric design and implementation

Assessment Report Writing: This workshop focuses on writing an assessment narrative and completing annual assessment reports.

Writing Multiple-choice items: This workshop reviews good practices of constructing multiple-choice items