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Additional Policies

Correspondence Courses
Correspondence courses offered by any of South Dakota's public universities may be considered when awarding financial aid as long as the courses are term based and the first lesson has been completed. Students should contact the SDSU Financial Aid Office for more information about eligibility.

Outside Scholarship Policy
Students are required to notify the SDSU Financial Aid Office of the donor name and amount of all non-SDSU scholarship awards. Students must also advise the Financial Aid Office if the scholarship will be received in the fall or spring semester.

When possible non-SDSU scholarships should be made payable to SDSU and include the student's name, address and student ID number. Unless otherwise requested, non-SDSU scholarships under $1,000 will be posted to the students account the semester they are received. Generally, non-SDSU scholarships of $1,000 or more are evenly split between both semesters.

Students are required to notify the SDSU Financial Aid Office of any non-SDSU financial aid awards received. If the additional awards exceed the student's financial need or cost of attendance, the SDSU Financial Aid Office may be required to make adjustments to the applicable federal financial aid.

Professional Judgment
Change of Income and Special Circumstances forms are available at the SDSU Financial Aid Office. A student (or the parent of a dependent student) may submit the appropriate form to explain significant changes in income or other special circumstances the student or parent wants to be considered in determining financial aid eligibility. Completed forms must be submitted to the SDSU Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office may request additional information.

Once the form has been reviewed, the SDSU Financial Aid Office will advise the student or parent if any adjustments were made to the financial aid award.

Please contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions about any of these policies or need additional information.