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College Credit in High School

Earning college credit in high school is a great way to save time and money before you actually get to college. If you’re considering taking college-level courses in high school, check out these guidelines.

Advanced Placement
Earning advanced placement credit in high school typically involves students taking specific AP courses and then taking an AP test at the conclusion of each course.

SDSU will accept AP credits from students who complete an AP test with the minimum required score.

PSEO/Dual Credit
PSEO or Dual Credit courses are those that are taken through a college or university while a student is in high school for which both college and high school credit is earned.

Students who have taken courses on the college campus or online can use the transfer equivalency calculator to get an idea of how their credits will transfer to SDSU.

If the courses were taken in the high school, there are several ways in which these credits can be validated for transfer to SDSU. Bear with us; this is where it gets a little more complicated.

Credits will be approved for an official evaluation if:

If the credits do not meet either of the criteria listed above, there are other options for validating credit. Please contact the Admissions Office for more specific information about each of these options.

  • Students can take a CLEP exam.
  • SDSU Admissions can perform an instructor evaluation.

In this case we contact the high school to determine if the instructor meets our minimum required credentials for accepting transfer credits for official evaluation.

We must have a student's final, official post-secondary transcripts prior to performing this evaluation.

If the instructor satisfies our minimum criteria, we can then forward the transcripts to the Records Office for an official transfer credit evaluation.

For additional information about testing and placement credit, contact our Testing Center.