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Oak Lake Attributes

oaklake map

Oak Lake is a prairie pothole formed approximately 14,000 years ago following recession of glacial ice sheets. Major attributes of the Oak Lake landscape, drainage basin and lake basin are listed in the tables below. Lake monitoring is conducted by field station staff biweekly during the ice-free months (April to October). Monitoring data for the lake basin are available upon request from the Field Station Director.

Region, Drainage and Basin

EPA Level III EcoregionNorthern Glaciated Plains
EPA Level IV EcoregionPrairie Coteau
Drainage SystemMinnesota-Mississippi
Drainage Area1,682 ha
Drainage Count99
Drainage Density1.9 streams km per km2
Basin Area163 ha
Basin Perimeter9.8 km
Basin Volume1.8 x 106 m3
Average Depth1.1 m
Maximum Depth2.0 m
Basin Length3,081 m
Basin Width988 m
Shoreline Development2.17
% Basin < 1.5 m Deep73%

Average Growing Season Water Quality Characteristics (1994-Present)

AttributeSummer AveragesSummer Ranges
Trophic StatusHypereutrophic--
Carlson Trophic State Index (Chl)60.111-79
Secchi Depth47 cm5 - 200
Water Temperature18.4°C1.0 – 30.0
Dissolved Oxygen9.6 mg/L2.5 – 17.2
pH (Median and Range)8.486.56 – 9.40
Specific Conductance496 uS/cm207 - 778
Total Dissolved Solids400 mg/L139 - 2427
Fecal Coliform Levels% > 200/100ml = 3.1%Value Range <10 - 180