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Scheduling of Rooms and Video-Conference Scheduling

Guidelines:  Each site has a master schedule for classrooms. Rooms may be available for special scheduling circumstances; please check with your coordinator or administrative support staff. Coordinators are responsible for scheduling the rooms/space that are needed for classes. Please contact administrative support staff for more information, if needed.


  • CON conference rooms, classrooms, and the Nursing Learning Laboratory: Contact 688-6153.
  • University wide classrooms and meeting rooms:
    • To request rooms to be used Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, contact the Registrar's Office at 688-6195.
    • For meeting rooms to be used on weekends or after 5:00 PM, contact Information Exchange at 688-6127 or by email.

Sioux Falls:  Master schedule is maintained by the site.

  • Classrooms and special circumstances: It is the responsibility of the administrative support staff coordinators to schedule rooms/space for all class sessions and special circumstances. Contact site support staff at 367-8421 or 782-3086.
  • For Nursing Laboratory: Contact the Simulation Education Technician at 367-5395.
  • Sioux Falls Conference Rooms: Contact administrative support at 367-8421 or 782-3086.

Aberdeen:  Due to the small size of the faculty and dedicated nursing classrooms, the faculty determine among themselves the rooms which will be used for the classes throughout the semester. In the event a conference room is needed, the nursing secretary will make a room reservation.

Rapid City:  Master schedule is located in the main office.

  • Classrooms and meeting rooms: It is the responsibility of the administrative support staff to schedule rooms and space for all class sessions and meetings, and coordinate audio and video conferencing. Contact support staff at 394-2880 (Mt. Rushmore Rd. location) or 394-5390 (11th St. location).
  • Rapid City CON Resource Lab rooms are scheduled by the Simulation and Learning Lab Technician for simulation and learning lab classes.

Formerly Policy# F5780
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