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Guidelines: All requisitions should be processed through the respective department. For Audio-Visual, Laboratory, or Computer Software purchases, contact your administrative support staff for more information.

Instructional/Office Supplies/Printing: A request for office and instructional supplies should be made through the designated department purchasing staff; some items may already be in stock. For small items needed for immediate university use, the cash register receipt or credit card receipt should be turned in as soon as possible to the designated department purchasing staff for reimbursement. This should be an infrequent occurrence and will be questioned by the appropriate department head. Purchases or print jobs completed off-campus may not be reimbursed if the item/service is available on campus.

Computer/Software Purchases: Computer and software items will be approved through the Information Technology department at the main campus in Brookings.  The designated department purchasing staff will submit the request to the Information Technology department.

Formerly Policy#  F5740
Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee:  2/2015; 2/2019