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Policy # U3370: Grading Scale, Progression and Program Requirements

Purpose: The following policy includes the grading scale, progression guidelines and program requirements for the nursing major. 

A. Undergraduate Grading Scale

  • A = 100-92%
  • B = 91-84%
  • C = 83-76%
  • D = 75-68%
  • F = 67% and below

No Rounding: All grades will be recorded to the hundredths place (two decimal points). The point value will not be increased to the next highest number. For example, 91.99% will not be rounded up to 92%.

B. Progression

  1. Students must earn a 76% average on exams in all nursing courses (except Pathophysiology) to progress to the next semester of the major. Also note that some courses may require a 76% on major assignment(s) in order to progress to the next semester. Refer to individual course syllabi for performance standards and information on what is considered an exam and major assignment.
  2. Entrance into the second and subsequent semesters of the major courses requires satisfactory completion of all nursing major and required support courses. If students drop out of a course or fail to progress as planned in the major for any reason, there is no guarantee that there will be a place for them in another semester due to the limited size of clinical sections. The final decision for readmission and continuation in the Nursing major rests with the Dean of the College of Nursing.
  3. Application for readmission to the major

C. Program requirements

  1. Nursing (B.S.)
  2. Nursing (B.S.) Accelerated
  3. Nursing (B.S.) RN to B.S.N.
  4. All undergraduate and graduate nursing students are expected to adhere to the principles of the current Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements. The Code for Nurses communicates a standard of professional behavior expected throughout the total program and in each individual nursing course. Therefore, in addition to dismissal for academic failure, the faculty and administrators of the Departments of Undergraduate Nursing and of Graduate Nursing reserve the right to dismiss any students for unethical, dishonest, illegal, or other conduct that is inconsistent with the Code for Professional Nurses.

Policy # U3370
Approved: 5/10/05
Revised and Approved: 6/12/16, 9/24/2018, 08/04/2020
Reviewed: 4/9/09