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Policy# G4390: Readmission

Description: This policy provides guidelines for previously enrolled graduate student to seek readmission.

Graduate School Policy: Readmission

Graduate Nursing Program Policy:

New reference letters and transcripts are not required for the Graduate Nursing Program unless the previously enrolled student has completed coursework at non-SDSU institutions prior to reapplying for admission. The material will be reviewed by the Graduate Nursing Admissions and Scholastic Standards Committee and a readmission decision to the College of Nursing Graduate Program will be made on a space available basis.

Previous coursework must be current or updated following Graduate School Policies and updated specific program compliance requirements will be required for students inactive for 12 months or greater.

If a previously enrolled student has an enrollment lapse of 12 months or greater, a new application must be completed and submitted to both the SDSU Graduate School and the Graduate Nursing Program.

Reviewed by the CON Graduate Committee 12/14/2015
University links updated 2/12/2016 mtd