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Policy #G4280 Graduate Student Academic Progression

Description: This policy describes the criteria and processes for progression towards program or degree completion. The Graduate Nursing policy on Academic Progression is two-fold in that it includes both the over-arching Graduate School Policy and Graduate Nursing specific components as identified below.

Graduate School Policy

The SDSU Graduate Nursing Program adheres to the Graduate School Academic Performance & Progression.

Graduate Nursing Program Policy

The Graduate Nursing Program requires the following additional criteria for progression:

  1. Students are required to successfully complete each course in their respective Program Plan of Study.  Successful completion is defined as completing the required course with a grade of ‘B’ or higher.
  2. Students who do not successfully complete the required course(s) will be required to repeat the course(s) in order to progress in the program.
  3. A student may enroll in a required graduate course (for which credit is granted only once) no more than two (2) times without permission of the Dean of the Graduate School (per Graduate School policy).Withdrawal from a course(s) is counted towards the number of enrollments in the course(s).  Repeated course enrollment is based on space availability in the course.
  4. All students who interrupt continuous registration (excluding summer semester) which will effect progression in the program are required to complete and submit the following documents for review and consideration by the Graduate Nursing Department (Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing, Graduate Admissions Committee Chair, Assistant Director, Nursing Student Services):
    • Graduate Nursing Program Application for Program Readmission (located in D2L NUR 114) In addition, students who have failed to successfully complete a required course or courses, will be required to complete the following:
    • Graduate Nursing Program Student Academic Improvement Plan* (located in D2L, NUR 114)

*this will be completed in collaboration with the academic advisor

Requests are reviewed each semester and decisions made based on space availability and academic performance.

Reviewed by CON Graduate Faculty Committee on 09/19/16