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Policy #G4230 Graduate Nursing Grading Policy


A student must earn a B or higher in each graduate nursing course to progress in the graduate nursing program. There is no rounding of grades in graduate nursing courses. If a C or lower is earned, the course must be repeated. Please refer to the graduate student handbook section on repeated courses* (BOR Policy 2:8:3D).

Grading Scale

  • A = 91 to 100
  • B = 81 to <91
  • C = 71 to <81
  • D = 61 to <71
  • F = <61

*Repeated Courses (BOR Policy 2:8:3D)

All courses taken appear on the student’s academic record, but when a course is repeated, only the most recent grade is calculated into the cumulative GPA. This policy applies to both undergraduate and graduate coursework. Relative to number of repeats allowed:

  1. A student may enroll in a graduate course (for which credit is granted only once) no more than two times without permission of the Dean of the Graduate School.
  2. A student will be allowed unlimited enrollments in a graduate course for which credit toward graduation may be received more than once. An institution may limit the number of credit hours for courses that may be taken more than once that apply toward the requirements for a major.

Reviewed by the CON Graduate Committee 09/19/2016