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Policy# F6181: Faculty Workload (Course Designation Values)

Description: This policy describes the process for calculation of workload assignment for all faculty members of the College of Nursing. It outlines the procedure for assignment and negotiation of workload credit in the areas of teaching, advising, scholarship and service; each course or teaching role is given a designated workload effort or value. Workload is assigned with variations for undergraduate, graduate and health science courses based on Course Designation Values*. Workload assignment policy is applied according to the SD Board of Regents and SDSU Faculty Handbook.

Associated link(s):

  • The SDSU Faculty Handbook* summarizes Faculty Workload Policy as well as explaining calculation of Course Designation Values in detail.

*Requires InsideState password.
Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee: 2/2015; 11/23/2020
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