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Policy # C3440: Syllabus

Description: Specify the College of Nursing (CON) required and optional components to be included in the course syllabus. 

  1. All CON syllabi will utilize the appropriate CON syllabus template located in the CON handbook (Graduate, Undergraduate Theory, or Undergraduate Clinical).
      1. Graduate courses
        1. Practicum courses will include a statement regarding required clinical hours.
        2. Graduate grading guidelines - #G4230
        3. Courses that must meet online review criteria will utilize links and statements as referenced in syllabi template.
  2. Syllabus format is required to follow the SDSU Course Syllabus Policy 2.3
  3. The course instructor will forward an electronic copy of the current syllabus to the appropriate graduate or undergraduate nursing office.  In addition, the syllabus for each course will be permanently maintained in the Dean’s office.

Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee 12/9/2016; 3/31/2020 

University links updated 11/2016