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Policy #C2230: Use of Mobile Devices in the Clinical Setting

Purpose: To provide guidance to students and faculty regarding the use of mobile devices during clinical. Clinical includes all acute, community and simulation experiences.

  1.  Mobile devices may only be used during clinical for educational purposes. Use of mobile devices during clinical for personal reasons is prohibited. A mobile device includes but is not limited to: smart phones, laptops, tablets or smartwatches.
  2.  HIPAA
    1. All students have been advised of and are expected to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. All patient related information is confidential. Patient related information is defined as all information related to the health, business, or personal matters of the patient or patient’s family. This includes but is not limited to Protected Health Information (PHI) that is based on a patient’s diagnosis, examination, treatment, observation, or conversation, and information maintained in medical records that contain diagnostic or treatment related information.
    2. Protected Health Information (PHI) may not be entered into personal mobile devices.
    3. Still photos, audio and video recording are prohibited.
  3. Cleaning of mobile devices must comply with the infection control policy and procedure at the clinical site. If the device becomes contaminated, it should be cleaned with the recommended disinfectant. If a patient is on isolation, the mobile device may not be taken into the patient’s room unless it is approved within the infection control policy and procedure.
  4. Additional restrictions may be imposed by the individual clinical facility policy regarding the use of mobile devices.

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Reviewed by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: 2/2017; 4/2021
Reviewed by the Graduate Curriculum Committee: 3/2017; 4/2021
Approved by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee: 5/2017; 4/2021
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