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Policy # C1980: Student Participation in Conducting Research

Purpose: To provide guidance to faculty when involving students in research as part of the research team or when supervising student research projects. 

In addition to assisting students in research projects required for credit in a course, faculty members are encouraged to make learning opportunities in research or projects available to students outside of class within the CON or with other SDSU college(s) or department(s). 

Students may work with faculty members conducting research as:

  1. Employed research assistants on a grant. (Contact the Human Resources office)
  2. Enrolled in graduate research practicum, undergraduate Fishback Honors College research, graduate thesis, graduate dissertation, graduate project, special topics, or independent study credits.
  3. Doing volunteer work in a faculty initiated research project.

The following must be observed when students are involved as researchers in a research project:

  1. When employed as a research assistant of a grant, the faculty member should contact the Human Resources office and complete the required paperwork. (Item a.)
  2. When students are involved in research, and are enrolled for academic credit, a contract or syllabus between the student and the faculty member needs to be negotiated.  The negotiated contract must be forwarded to the department or college awarding the credits. (Item b.)
  3. Faculty members may not award course credit or waive any course assignments in exchange for students serving to advance any part of the faculty member’s research which is unrelated to the course objectives. (Item c.)

Written and Approved by the Research Committee: 4/2017
Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee: 4/2017; 3/31/2020
Approved by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee 5/2017