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Outside Professional Activity for Additional Compensation

Description: Guidelines, procedures, and forms for outside professional activities of faculty. Instructions for completing the Outside Professional Activity Report* are found below under Associated Links. Faculty members who propose to enter into private practice, private consulting, additional teaching or research, or other activity for which additional compensation is received, may devote up to but not exceeding four working days per month (cumulative to six days) on such activity. The activity must be related to assigned responsibilities and must promote state and local economic development or benefit the professional discipline or development of the staff member, as determined by the institution. Outside activities may not interfere with assigned responsibilities.

Faculty Handbook XIII Consulting and Private Practice p.16:

SDSU encourages professorial and librarian faculty members to participate in outside professional activities that contribute to their professions, to the broader communities, to the expansion of economic and cultural resources in SD, and to the SDBOR’s public service mission. Outside engagement is an important part of the academic community and supports our need for and enhances scholarly excellence. Consulting and private practice experiences allow faculty members to maintain contact with professional colleagues, keep current with research priorities and advancements, and develop contacts with private and government entities. This knowledge and skill help faculty prepare students for various career options, helps the faculty members to better compete for research grants, and/or benefits SDSU and SD (Section 10.5 of the BOR/COHE Agreement).  

Example: For a nine month faculty with no assigned clinical practice day (referred to as inload), and who practices a day (or evening) a week in addition to the assigned 15 units of workload per semester, the allowance of 32 hours per month (4 days if an 8 hour shift, but could be cumulative 6 days if shifts are shorter) is acceptable if the other assigned workload can be completed in addition to the clinical shift hours should those occur on a weekday.  This example would fall under ‘university time.’  Alternatively, if the faculty member is in practice on the weekends it falls under personal time, but still needs to be reported using the Outside Activity Form (link below).

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