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College of Nursing Tenure and Promotion Committee Approved Procedures

Composition of the Committee

  1. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will consist of six (6) members. Three (3) members will be appointed by the Dean and three (3) members will be elected by tenured and tenure-track faculty. A COHE representative will conduct the election of the faculty members.

  2. Faculty members will be elected for three-year terms. Only tenured faculty are eligible for election. Any faculty member under consideration for promotion and/or tenure is not eligible to serve on the committee.

  3. Administrative appointees may be tenured Associate or Full Professors, Assistant Deans, or Associate Deans who are not the primary evaluator of the candidates under review.

  4. Clinical Associate Professors, Clinical Professors, Associate or Full Professors who are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), Lecturers, and Senior Lecturers may be appointed in addition to the six committee members when clinical and lecturer track candidates undergo promotion or rank adjustment review. These appointees will not participate in tenure-track promotion and tenure review and decision-making.

  5. The chairperson of the committee must be elected from the six (6) core members.

  6. A person serving on the University Promotion and Tenure Committee is not eligible to serve on this committee.

  7. A committee member must recuse him/herself from the vote on a candidate if there is a conflict of interest

Function of the Committee

  1. This committee will review applications for tenure, promotion, rank adjustment, and/or third-year reviews.

  2. Duties include reviewing the complete promotion and/or tenure or rank adjustment dossier and external reviews, voting on promotion, tenure, and rank adjustment decisions, and making written recommendations for promotion, tenure, rank adjustment, and/or third year reviews to the Dean.

  3. The Dean will convene the initial committee meeting, charge the committee, call for the election of the committee chairperson, appoint a recorder, and review the Promotion and Tenure Committee’s timeline within the College and University schedules. The chairperson will thereafter convene the Promotion and Tenure Committee as needed, assuring completion of the committee’s duties. The recorder will keep thorough minutes of the discussion and record the vote.

  4. Voting will be by secret ballot and the results will be forwarded to the Dean with written rationale for the recommendation. The Dean is not obligated to accept the recommendation, but will inform the committee of the reason for not accepting a recommendation. Deliberations, findings, and data of this committee will be treated with confidentiality.

  5. The recorder will keep minutes, including discussion of candidates with strengths and weaknesses of the dossier. In addition, minutes will reflect any other discussion that takes place. Minutes will be approved with signatures of all members of the committee and routed with the dossier.

  6. Meetings: The committee will meet according to the College and University timeline for promotion and tenure.

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