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Guideline: Undergraduate Student Representative Role

Purpose: To guide the process for selection, duties, and expectations of student representatives.

Description: Within the first three weeks of each semester, students elect two student representatives for their cohort.

During a class period, the semester coordinator or designee will ask students to nominate class members for the student representative positions. After the nominations cease, the semester coordinator or designee will call for a vote. Students will vote for two nominees. Student representatives may only serve one semester.

Job Duties: Semester team meetings are generally held monthly. The semester coordinator will notify the student representatives of the team meeting schedule.

  1. The student representative(s) attends semester team meeting to provide information on how the students are doing and offer suggestions and ideas for helping students’ learning.

  1. No student representative(s) will be present while faculty members are discussing either an individual student’s or faculty member’s performance.

  1. The student representative(s) is not allowed to bring forth an individual student’s issue. 
If approached by a fellow student who has an individual issue or complaint, that student should be referred to the course faculty or the semester coordinator. See South Dakota State University College of Nursing Student Complaint Process for Graduate and Undergraduate Programs.

  1. Prior to the semester team meeting, the student representative(s) will send items for the agenda. Some semester coordinators may ask student representative(s) to survey their cohort using suggested questions (see page 2).

  1. At the beginning of each team meeting, a maximum of 15 minutes will be set aside to discuss the student representative agenda items.

  1. The semester coordinator will dismiss the student representative(s) following discussion of the student representative agenda items and appropriate announcements.

  1. Student representatives demonstrate leadership and serve as a role model; therefore, they are expected to act professionally and always use professional communication (written and oral). 

  1. For time sensitive or immediate concerns, the student representative(s) is encouraged to talk to the semester coordinator as soon as possible.

  1. Following the team meeting, the student representative(s) is expected to communicate with their fellow students about discussions and feedback provided from the meeting.


  1. “What are things that are going well?”

  1. “What are some things students are struggling with?

  1. “What are some things that would help the students achieve their goal of becoming a nurse?”

List possible suggestions or solutions (be specific).

List options for implementing the students’ suggestion?  

Reviewed and Approved by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee: 2/2018, 4/2021
Approved by Executive Committee: 4/2018