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Guideline: Travel In-State and Out-of-State

Purpose: To inform College of Nursing faculty and staff on travel process for reimbursement.

Description: The College of Nursing values networking with state, regional, national and international partners and organizations. Rules, procedures, forms, and vouchers for travel within South Dakota and outside the state’s border, as well as conference attendance, may be found at the links below. Please review Travel Procedure document* for instructions on how to complete travel request forms and travel vouchers. Please note that access to all travel forms listed here requires an InsideState password.

Requests to travel out-of-state/attend conference:

  • Conference Attendance Request Form*
  • Pre-payment of Registration Fees*
  • Electronic Out-of-State Travel Request (OSTR) Form How To* Online OSTR*

Reimbursement of approved allowable travel expenses:

  • Common Travel Voucher* ("Step 4, Travel Voucher," includes In-State and Out-of-State travel)
  • Travel Reimbursement Checklist*

Associated link:

*Requires InsideState password
Formerly Policy# F5980 and Policy# F6120
Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee: 4/2018; 3/2021
University links updated 4/16/2018