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Guideline: Attendance

Purpose: To inform students regarding attendance requirements

Description: This policy lists which nursing events are considered excused absences and how clinical and/or lab make-up is arranged. Information is also included in the Student Handbook under V. College of Academic Standards, attendance.

SDSU’s Attendance Policy

SDSU’s general class attendance policy, as stated in the SDSU Undergraduate Catalog and Policy and Procedure Manual, will be followed.

College of Nursing Excused Absences

Within each academic year there are activities that are regarded as College of Nursing approved events for excused absences from nursing or health science classes, laboratory or practicums.  Such events include the South Dakota Nurses’ Association Convention; the Student Nurses’ Organization Convention; the Student Nurses’ Organization meetings, workshops or board meetings; wellness or health forums on campus sponsored by the University; and the South Dakota Public Health Association.  Events not included in this list will be reviewed on an individual basis by Department leaders.

The guidelines to be used to arrange an absence which applies to the above events are as follows:

  1. This is a concept of general approval and not blanket approval. Students are expected to make individual arrangements with faculty members well in advance of the activity.
  2. Students may request an excused absence from class and lab to attend these events.  Because these are official College approved events, it is expected that faculty will facilitate students to attend them.
  3. Students must be attending these events either in conjunction with their participation in the organization or as a class assignment.  In the case of an RN or a graduate student, the student is a member of the relevant organization, its board or committees.
  4. Students must arrange in advance with the faculty for the excused absence and determine what accountability is necessary because of the absence.

Formerly Policy# U3120
Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee 10/2015; 2/2019
University links updated 1/06/2016 mtd; 2/2019