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Postgraduate Certificate—Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Required Coursework

These requirements are for students meeting the 2022-2023 catalog and after. Please note that this program of study can be individualized. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact graduate nursing.

Required Coursework

Coursework is delivered online and includes a field-based practicum. 18 total credits are required.

Year 1 Coursework

Semester offeredCourseCredits
FallNURS 733 - Psychopathological Disorders Across the Lifespan


FallNURS 734 - Theories and Interventions for Individuals and Groups


SpringNURS 732 - Psychopharmacology and Neurobiology Across the Lifespan2
SpringNURS 735 - Advanced Psychiatric Assessment & Differential Diagnosis Across the Lifespan2

Year 2 Coursework

Semester OfferedCourseCredits
FallNURS 736 - Psychiatric/Mental Health Advanced Practice Across the Lifespan I


all clinical 240 hours

SpringNURS 737 - Psychiatric/Mental Health Advanced Practice Across the Lifespan II


all clinical  300 hours