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South Dakota State University

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PhD in Nursing

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Change lives through research, leadership & practice

Established in 2005, the PhD program prepares nurse scientists who will serve as researchers, faculty members, and health care administrators. The PhD curriculum emphases include health promotion and disease prevention in underserved and rural populations, health outcomes and nursing education. Our graduates are making a significant impact with their original contributions to nursing knowledge and practice.

Program Competencies

At the completion of the program the graduate will demonstrate the following competencies:
  1. Discover and disseminate knowledge relevant to the discipline of nursing with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention in underserved and rural populations.  
  2. Provide leadership for increasingly complex roles in nursing research, practice, and education and/or healthcare organizations.  
  3. Develop theoretical frameworks of phenomena related to nursing science.  
  4. Provide leadership for the analysis and resolution of ethical healthcare issues in an interdisciplinary context.
  5. Integrate cultural learning into nursing practice to effectively tailor healthcare to the diverse lifeways of clients.  
  6. Seek to decrease health disparities among populations by addressing socioeconomic-political-cultural determinants of health.  
  7. Contribute to the advancement of the science of nursing serving rural and underserved populations.