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Doctor of Nursing Practice—Post Master's to DNP

This is a three year program for students who hold current Advance Practice Nurse Certification in the following areas: Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Midwife and/or Nurse Anesthetist. Date, times and locations of individual courses are subject to changed based on department requirements. Dates, times and locations of individual courses are subject to change based on department requirements. These requirements are for students meeting the 2021-2022 catalog and after.

Required Coursework

Total Credits:  31+

Total Clinical Hours: 180+

Year 1 Coursework

CourseCreditsSemester(s) OfferedLocationFinancial Aid Eligible*
HSC 631 - Biostatistics I3FallOnlineNo
NURS 850 - Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations for Evidence Based Care3SpringSioux Falls and Rapid CityYes
PHA 738 - Health Informatics1SpringOnlineYes
NURS 875 - DNP Intensive**


60 Clinical Hours Required

NURS 750 - Transformational Leadership in Nursing3SummerOnlineYes

NURS780 - Clinical Genetic and Genomics-Advanced Concepts

NURS 875 - DNP Intensive**


60 Clinical Hours Required


Year 2 Coursework

CourseCreditsSemester OfferedLocationFinancial Aid Eligible*
NURS 835 - Ethical Issues Influencing Practice and Research in Health Disciplines2Fall

Online Hybrid


NURS 781 - Clinical Epidemiology Advanced Concepts


NURS 860 - Health Operations and Financial Management for Nurse Leaders

NURS 875 - DNP Intensive1SpringFlexibleNo
NURS 855 - Translational Research in Health Care3Summer



Year 3 Coursework

CourseCredit HoursSemester OfferedLocationFinancial Aid Eligible*
NURS 880 - DNP Project Didactic1Fall


NURS 880 - DNP Project Project3FallFlexibleNo
NURS 880 - DNP Project Didactic1SpringOnlineNo
NURS 880 - DNP Project Project3SpringFlexibleNo
NURS 875 - DNP Intensive**

# of Credits Required Varies

Clinical Hours Required

FlexibleFlexibleDependent Upon # Taken During a Semester

*Minimum of 5 credits per semester required to be eligible for financial aid

**Clinical courses, direct patient care clinicals