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The College of Nursing dissertation list is comprised of dissertations authored by South Dakota State University College of Nursing doctoral students.

Dissertations from 2020

StudentAdvisorCommitte membersDissertations title
Brandon VarilekDr. Mary IsaacsonDr. Mary Minton and Dr. Sarah MollmanGibing Voice to Adults Living with Cystic Fibrosis: A Phenomenological Study
Danielle SchievelbeinDr. Heidi MennengaDr. Thomas Stenvig, Dr. Mary Kay Nissen and Dr. DjiraFollow-Up Nurse Phone Calls for Heart Failure Patients: A Case Study

Dissertations from 2019

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertations Title
Tamara KeefnerDr. Thomas StenvigDr. Marylou Mylant and Dr. Kay FolandSearching for a Sense of Place: The Process of How Adolescent Girls Escape Suicide
Shannon O'Connell-PersuadDr. Mary MintonDr. Heidi Mennenga, Dr. Djiria and Dr. Mary IsaacsonSpirituality, Religiosity, and Perceived Ability to Provide Spiritual Care in Nursing Student
Jessica StadickDr. Nancy Fahrenwald and Dr. Heidi MennengaDr. Mary IsaacsonAssessing the Impact of Interprofessional Education on the Attitudes and Interprofessional Competencies of Health Care Professionals: A Mixed Methods Study
Heidi MeyerDr. Heidi MennengaDr. Mary Isaacson and Dr. Lori HendrickxUnderstanding Emotional Intelligence and Its Relationship to Clinical Reasoning in Nursing Students: A Mixed Methods Study

Dissertations from 2018

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Dawn BosDr. Kay FolandDr. Cindi Elverson and Dr. Victoria BritsonRelationship of Physical Health Risk Screenings in Seriously Mentally Ill with Self-efficacy for Health, Perception of Health Risk, and Intention to Follow-up with Medical Care

Dissertations from 2017



Committee Members

Dissertation Title

Forbes, AmyDr. Kay FolandDr. Cindi Elverson and Dr. Linda BurdetteHealth-Promoting Behaviors, Hope, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Persons Impacted by Parkinson's Disease

Dissertations from 2016

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Brown, RobinDr. Kay FolandDr. Howard Wey and Dr. Linda HerrickDetermining the Relationship Among Change Fatigue, Resilience, and Job Satisfaction of Hospital Staff Nurses
Hansen, JulieDr. Kay FolandDr. Marylou Mylantand Dr. Linda BurdetteThe Nurse As A Family Caregiver:  Their Experiences, Their story
Harmelink, AndreaDr. Mary MintonDr. Jo Voss and Dr. Heidi MennengaEffects of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback on Perceived Stress, Perceived Coping Ability, and Resilience in Accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Kittelsrud, Julie Dr. Barbara HobbsDr. Nancy Fahrenwald and Dr. Thomas StenvigDepression Outcomes in Care Coordination, Primary Care and Psychiatry Patients after Pharmacogenetic Testing
Scherer, MarciaDr. Linda Herrick and Dr. Lynnette Leeseberg StamlerDr. Mary IsaacsonThe Learning Experiences of Immigrants who are Graduates of an Entry-Level Baccalaureate Nursing Program in Minnesota

Dissertations from 2015

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Marckstadt, SherylDr. Mary Minton and Dr. Lynnette Leeseberg StamlerDr. Paula CarsonReinventing Life: A Glaserian Grounded Theory Study
Nerud, KimberlyDr. Nancy FahrenwaldDr. Howard Wey, Dr. Linda Burdette, and Dr. Jessica MeenderingMake a Move: An Intervention to Reduce Childhood Obesity
Poor Bear, Audrey Dr. Marylou MylantDr. Mary Isaacson and Dr. Kay FolandThe Lived Experience of Radical, Unexpected, or Unpredicted Healing from a Life-Altering Disease
Potthoff, MeghanDr. Mary MintonDr. Cynthia Elverson and Dr. Marge HeggeGo Wish: A Pilot Study of an Advance Care Planning Conversation Tool in Pediatric Palliative Care
Smith, DianeDr. Kay FolandDr. Margaret Hegge and Dr. Mary IsaacsonSisters of Mercy: The Walking Nuns' Siouxland Journey and Experiences in Nursing (1890-1965)
Swan, MarilynDr. Barbara HobbsDr, Thomas Stenvig and Dr. Linda BurdetteExploring the Relationship of Secondary Traumatic Stress and Lack of Anonymity in Nurses
Wrede, JaneDr. Nancy FahrenwaldDr. Christina Lammers and Dr. Howard WeyA Multi-Media Preventative Reproductive Health Intervention in a Family Planning Setting

Dissertations from 2014

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Berkland, DianaDr. Sandra BunkersDr. Thomas Stenvig,Dr. Kay Foland, and Dr. Barbara CondonThe Experience of Feeling Respected for Rural Nurse Leaders
Gordon, DawnDr. Kay FolandDr. Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler, Dr. Marylou Mylant, Dr. Lois TschetterThe Voice of the Nursing Student after Experiencing Collaborative Testing
Hawkins, KimberlyDr. Sandra BunkersDr. Marge Hegge, Dr. Janet Lord, and Dr. Barbara CondonThe Experience of Feeling Disrespected: A Human becoming Perspective
Manz, JulieDr. Thomas StenvigDr. Kay Foland, Dr. Nancy Fahrenwald,and Dr. May Kunes-ConnellPatients or Prisoners? A Grounded Theory of How Nurses Provide Care to Inmate-Patients
Todd, MarthaDr. Thomas StenvigDr. Paula Carson,Dr. Mary MintonDiscovering Who I am and Who I Want to be as a Woman and Mother: The Process of Transitioning to Homelessness for Single Mothers
Vander Veen, KathrynDr. Thomas StenvigDr. Nancy Fahrenwald and Dr. Patricia ShaverRegistered Nurse Support for Patient Activation

Dissertations from 2013

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title

Bomgaars, Debbie

Dr. Kay Foland

Dr. Marge Hegge, Dr. Robin Peterson-Lunch

Reciprocity in Relationships Among Rural Nurses
Dinndorf-Hogenson, Georgia Dr. Marge HeggeDr. Thomas Stenvig, Dr. Barbara Hobbs, Dr. Mary Minton, and Dr. ZhoungPerioperative Nurses Perceptions of Moral Courage
Haugen-Rogers, JanDr. Marylou MylantDr. Marge Hegge, Dr. Sandra Bunkers, and Dr. Thomas StenvigParental Experience of Coping, Social Support and Uncertainty During Childhood Genetic Testing
Knitig, KathyDr. Margaret HeggeDr. Sandra Bunkers,Dr. Marylou Mylant, and Dr. Janet LordThe Living Experience of Feeling Playful
Letcher, DeborahDr. Sandra BunkersDr. Margaret Hegge, Dr. Janet Lord, and Dr. Marylou Mylant

Searching for an Answer: A Human Becoming Research Study

Dissertations from 2012

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Kertz, NancyDr. Thomas StenvigDr. Sandra Bunkers, Dr. Paula Carson, Dr. Nancy FahrenwaldThe Recognition of Child Abuse: Expert Providers' Experience
Thompson, ShilaDr. Barbara HobbsDr. Nancy Fahrenwald, Dr. Roberta Olson, and Dr. Thomas StenvigTesting of an Instrument for Measuring Nurse Behaviors Related to Safe Patient Handling

Dissertations from 2011

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title

Krogh, Mary Anne

Dr. Thomas Stenvig

Dr. PaulaCarson, Dr. Nancy Fahrenwald, Dr. Jo Voss, Dr. Timothy Muckle

A Psychometric Evaluation of Innovative Item Types Added to the National Certification Examination for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Peterson-Lund, Robin

Dr. Sandra Bunkers

Dr. Margaret Hegge,Dr. Marylou Mylant, Dr.ThomasStenvig

Living on the Edge: A Human becoming Perspective

Dissertations from 2010

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Burdette, LindaDr. Marge HeggeDr. Kay Foland, Dr. Thomas Stenvig, Dr. Janet Lord

Relationship between Self-Care Agency, Self-Care Practices, and Obesity among Rural Midlife Women

Dissertations from 2009

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Britson, Victoria Lynn StrauserDr. Sandra BunkersDr. Marge Hegge, Dr. ThomasStenvig, and Dr. Tish Smyer

The Lived Experience of Taking a Risk for Persons Who Have Experienced Natural Disaster

Reding, Noreen Eberline

Dr. Sandra Bunkers

Dr. Kay Foland, Dr. Marge Hegge, and Dr. Thomas Stenvig

The Lived Experience of Feeling Peaceful

Dissertation from 2008

StudentAdvisorCommittee membersDissertation title
Condon, Barbara Backer Dr. Sandra BunkersDr. Margaret Hegge, Dr. Janet Lord, and Dr. Kay FolandThe Lived Experience of Feeling Misunderstood for Persons Living with Vitiligo