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Bachelor's to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner

These requirements are for students meeting the 2023-2024 catalog and after. Please note that this program of study can be individualized. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the graduate nursing.

Required Coursework

Coursework is delivered online and includes a field-based practicum. 78 total credits are required. 1200 total clinical hours are required. Graduates of this program option are eligible for the National Certification FNP exam through either ANCC or AANPCB.

Year One Coursework

Semester OfferedCourseCredits
FallNURS 615 Foundations of Advanced Nursing3
FallNURS 760 Advanced Concepts in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention3
SpringNURS 860 Health Operations and Financial Management in Nurse Leaders3
SpringPHA 738 Health Informatics1
SummerNURS 670 Health Policy, Legislation, Economics and Ethics3
SummerNURS 750 Transformational Leadership in Nursing3
SummerNURS 875 DNP Intensive*1

Year Two Coursework

Semester OfferedCourseCredits
FallHSC 631 Biostatistics3
FallNURS 835 Ethical Issues Influencing Practice and Research2
FallNURS 875 DNP Intensive*1
SpringNURS 623 Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan - Advanced Practice4
SpringNURS 850 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations for Evidence Based Care3
SpringNURS 875 DNP Intensive*1
SummerNURS 855 Transitional Research in Healthcare3
SummerNURS 780 Clinical Genetic and Genomics - Advanced Concepts1
SummerPHA 645 Pharmacotherapeutics Across the Lifespan - Advanced Practice4
SummerNURS 880 DNP Project1

Year Three Coursework

Semester OfferedCourseCredits
FallNURS 631/631L Advanced Assessment Across the Lifespan w/lab4
FallNURS 781 Clinical Epidemiology - Advanced Concepts1
FallNURS 880 Project1
FallNURS 880 Didactic1
SpringNURS 765 FNP Integration: Practicum I**7
SpringNURS 880 DNP Project1
SpringNURS 88 DNP Didactic1
SummerNURS 768 FNP Integration: Practicum II**4
SummerNURS 880 Project1

Year Four Coursework

Semester OfferedCourseCredits
FallNURS 771 FNP Integration: Practicum III**7
FallNURS 880 DNP Project1
SpringNURS 776 FNP Integration: Practicum IV**8
SpringNURS 880 DNP Project1


*Non-patient care clinical hours

**Direct patient care clinical courses.

  • NURS 631 required an on-campus lab component to practice skills. Students will be on campus three times during the fall semester NURS 631 is offered.
  • NURS 765, 771 and 776 require students to be on campus one time during the semester for simulation and/or procedure lab. Typically, the on-campus component occurs on the Sioux Falls campus but select experiences may also occur at the Brookings and Rapid City campus.
  • A minimum of 5 credits per semester is required to be eligible for financial aid.