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Faculty Annual Review (FAR)

Via DocuSign

  1. After the FAR is complete, add the following signature lines and save the document as a PDF.
    1. Insert signature line for Dean for Academic Programs before the Dean for College of Nursing.
    2. If the FAR addresses RSC under Part B, include a signature line for Associate Dean for Research after the supervisor signature.
  2. Include all supporting documents and combine into one PDF file.
  3. Log into DocuSign and click the yellow New button and select Send an Envelope.
  4. Click on Upload Document and select your PDF file.
  5. Under Add Recipients to the Envelope, click on the Set Signing Order box.
    1. Add name and email address.
    2. Once the first person is added, click on Add Recipient until all names have been added.
    3. For those who should only receive a copy, click on Needs to Sign and select Receives a Copy option.
    4. Signing order:
      1. Supervisor
      2. Associate Dean for Research (if appropriate)
      3. Faculty Member
      4. Associate Dean for Academic Programs
      5. Dean for College of Nursing
      6. Sr Secretary Dean’s Office – copy only to be retained in employee file
    5. The final recipient is SDSU Human Resources copy only.
  6. Under Message to All Recipients the Email Subject field should read: FAR, Employee Last Name, First Name, Banner ID (if available).
    1. Click the yellow Next button.
  7. Select and drag the following fields for each person who needs to sign the document:
    1. Signature
    2. Date Signed
    3. Text - this box should be dragged to the right of the signature line for the following: Associate Dean for Research (if needed), Faculty Member, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, and Dean for College of Nursing.
    4. Click on the corner to expand the width of the box
  8. Click the yellow Send button.

Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee 3/2021