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Employee Local Travel

  1. Guideline Purpose
    1. Objectives for this guideline are as follows:
      1. Describe the cost-effective methods of travel while conducting the business of the College of Nursing during business hours
  2. Guideline Scope
    1. This guideline applies to use of personal or fleet vehicles to travel on University business to clinical sites and other local College of Nursing (CON) locations when the University will be reimbursing costs of local travel.
  3. Guideline Statements
    1. Overview: Employees should utilize the most cost-effective method of travel whenever possible. For unusual circumstances, decisions are made at the discretion of the Dean.
    2. Personal Mileage Reimbursement: When a single person travels, use of personal vehicle is the less expensive method of travel. Business mileage will be reimbursed at the identified SDSU travel rate in effect on date of travel. Reimbursement at the high travel rate will occur only if a fleet vehicle is not available at the site. When two or more employees traveling on University business share transportation in a personal vehicle, only the driver may claim reimbursement for travel. Mileage reimbursement will start from the employee’s Home Station (ex. Brookings, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, Rapid City). When an indirect route (ex. employee driving from their home) is taken, the employee will be required to provide the odometer readings to determine mileage. The employee will receive reimbursement for the lesser of the two (indirect mileage vs Home station mileage). Employees will NOT receive reimbursement for mileage between Home Stations if the appointment they were hired under requires working between Home Stations. Additional travel reimbursement information can be found under the Travel Manual located on Inside State.
    3. Parking on Brookings Campus
      1. Employees coming to Brookings have these options:
        1. Day parking passes (contact Parking Services 688-PARK, to purchase day passes). NOTE: Employees will be required to provide Parking Services with the dates for parking and a method of payment.
        2. Pay Lot (east side Student Union). This option is available in the event the employee does not wish to purchase a day parking pass.
        3. Commuter lots. This can be purchased via a payroll deduction.
        4. Economy permit lots designated as economy are free to park in the summer. Economy lots are further out, for example there is one by the football field and one by the Performing Arts Center. This permit can be purchased via payroll deduction.
      2. State vehicles require a parking permit and will be ticketed if no permit is evident. It is up to the driver of the vehicle to pay for parking tickets and to resolve any parking disputes directly with Parking Services. The CON will not reimburse for parking fees or tickets.
      3. Visitor Parking permits will only be issued for:
        1. New employees to come to campus for benefits orientation
        2. Guests
    4. Lodging (applicable to Brookings and Sioux Falls Employees who travel between sites)
      1. Lodging in Sioux Falls or Brookings prior to an early morning class or meeting is not reimbursable unless there is a weather-related need.
    5. Use of Fleet Vehicles: When two or more persons travel to and from the same location, use of motor pool is the less expensive method of travel.