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Fishback Honors College Progression Standards

Students enrolled in SDSU’s Honors College are granted priority registration if they are meeting the established Honors progression standards. This privilege is provided to allow students to meet the academic requirements of their major while also fulfilling unique scheduling demands associated with graduating with Honors College distinction. Priority registration is intended only for students who are committed to pursuing graduation with Honors College distinction.

Each semester, the Honors College office will conduct an audit of students’ academic progress to determine eligibility for priority registration. Students intending to graduate with Honors College distinction who do not meet the progression standards will not be granted priority registration for that term. However, they are still part of the Honors College and are encouraged to work toward these standards to earn priority registration in future semesters. 

Eligibility for priority registration will be based on the following progression standards:

  1. Students must have an Honors Continued Enrollment Form on file in order to be eligible for priority registration. This form should be filed with the Honors College office upon a student’s initial indication of their intent to graduate with Honors College distinction.
  2. Honors credit and GPA requirements are as follows:

Current Semester*

Honors Credit Requirement

GPA Requirement


Enrolled in the Honors Orientation (HON 100) course



Completed at least 3 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.2


Completed at least 6 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.3


Completed at least 9 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.3


Completed at least 12 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.4


Completed at least 15 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.4


Completed at least 18 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.5


Completed at least 21 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.5

9th (and on)

Completed at least 24 Honors credits

Minimum GPA 3.5

*Current Semester refers only to fall and spring semesters. Summers are excluded.

Requirements for graduation with Honors College distinction are:

  • *12 credits of Honors general education
  • *3 credits of Honors upper division contracted coursework
  • *3 credits of Honors colloquium (HON 383 or HON 492)
  • *3 credits of Honors upper division elective credit (additional contract or colloquium, Honors seminar series courses, undergraduate teaching assistant credits, etc.)
  • *3 credits of Honors independent study (HON 491 or approved departmental independent study or undergraduate research credits)
  • *3.5 cumulative grade point average

For more information about the Honors Progression Standards:

Hanna Holmquist, Advisor

Fishback Honors College

Honors Hall 119/Box 2705A

Phone: (605) 688-5268

Honors Webpage