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Compliance Guidelines for Background Checks for LPN and RN Refresher Courses


Two background checks are required for all individuals who wish to enroll in the RN or LPN refresher course:

  1. The online background check
  2. The FBI background check

The online background check conducted by CastleBranch is commonly completed within five to ten business days. This check must provide a minimum history of seven years. The online background check must be updated yearly.

The FBI background check processing time can vary from the date the FBI receives the request with a complete application and legible fingerprints. Customary return date via email is seven to ten business days when using the channeling service.

Prospective participants who are not US Citizens, or have not resided within the United States for at least seven years, may require additional background searches. Contact the Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) office for further direction regarding this need.


A prospective participant that wishes to complete both theory and clinical portions of the course may not be considered for enrollment into the refresher course until both the online background check and the FBI background checks are completed. Prior to acceptance:

  • An account with CastleBranch has been opened in the prospective participant’s legal first and last name.  The necessary information to conduct the online personal background search has been provided, and s/he has requested and approved this check to begin. Results will automatically be posted to the account.
  • The prospective participant has obtained the required fingerprints, and has entered on their CastleBranch account when the fingerprints were sent to the channeling service.  The results of this search will be returned from the FBI to the prospective participant via email. This return date is entered, along with a copy of the results, onto their CastleBranch account.

Course Enrollment

An enrollment request will be reviewed when the results of both background searches are accessible by the CNE office via the prospective participant’s CastleBranch account, along with the receipt of a completed enrollment application and verification of prior licensure from (or the state Board of Nursing where is not available).