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Clinical Facilities

Description: The purpose of this policy is to clarify service institution or agency requirements for practicum/clinical experiences.

Clinical facilities retain ultimate responsibility for care given to clients. An affiliation agreement between the facility and SDSU College of Nursing is required for all clinical or community experiences. Faculty may not place students in an agency or institution prior to a fully signed affiliation agreement. These affiliation agreements are maintained in the Dean’s Office. These documents also include assurance from the educational institution that the students are academically and clinically competent to provide professional nursing care. The philosophy of the facility should be consistent with that of SDSU College of Nursing. Furthermore, the administration and nursing staff should be supportive of baccalaureate education. Students and faculty must comply with policies of the clinical agency and affiliation agreement requirements.
Nursing faculty have the responsibility to recommend clinical facilities that will provide learning experiences appropriate for the course objectives and to evaluate these experiences.

Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee 11/2016; 1/2020
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