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Book Requests (E-books, desk copy, library)

Guidelines: Faculty will have automatic access to all E-books used for College of Nursing (CON) courses. Teaching assistants must email the book representative through SDSU email to request access to E-books. If faculty would like a desk copy of a course text, requests can be made directly through the book company. When an employee leaves the CON or no longer teaches a course, the desk copy is given to the appropriate supervisor’s office. Books purchased by the CON for course use are the property of the CON. College of Nursing books must be stamped on three edges to indicate CON property. Faculty may order books through the University Bookstore. Books ordered through the bookstore will be charged to the individual, not the department. Books for the Briggs Library nursing collection are requested through the College of Nursing’s designated library liaison. The library liaison will provide faculty with information on new books that can be acquired and coordinate requests.  
Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee:  2/2015