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Billing Procedure for an Unexcused Clinical Absence/Simulation/Community Experience

Any absence will require that the student make up the missed hours and assignments. The make-up for unexcused absence may be required to occur outside of any pre-scheduled dates. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate via jacks e-mail the process of scheduling make-up within twenty-four hours (Monday-Friday) after the absence to the semester coordinator.

Billing Procedure

For an unexcused absence, the student will be billed by the College of Nursing for the make-up clinical hours.

Acute Clinical

The student will be billed based on the number of clinical hours missed:

  • 4 hours of missed clinical = $128.00
  • 8 hours of missed clinical = $256.00
  • 12 hours of missed clinical = $384.00

Simulation (includes skills lab)

The student will be billed based on the number of simulation hours missed, with a minimum charge equivalent to 2 hours:

  • < = 2 hours of missed simulation = $64.00
  • >2 - 4 hours of missed simulation = $128.00
  • >4 - 6 hours of missed simulation = $192.00
  • >6 - 8 hours of missed simulation = $256.00

Community Clinical

Based on the diversity of community clinical experiences, unexcused absences will be handled on an individual basis.

The student’s grade for the course will be recorded as Incomplete if payment is not received before the end of the semester/term. 

Utilization of Faculty or Clinical Teaching Assistants

Clinical teaching assistants will be utilized prior to full-time faculty.

The 12 month faculty member will be paid at a rate of $32.00/hr with funds being placed into a separate account. The faculty member may use these funds for conferences, educational books, etc. with the approval of assistant to the dean.

The 9 month faculty member who is not on contract will receive a supplemental payment at a rate of $32.00/hr.

Procedural Steps

  • Faculty/clinical teaching assistant and student notifies semester coordinator of unexcused absence within 24 hours.
  • Semester coordinator will initiate a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Semester coordinator contacts academic clinical site manager with the following information:
    • Student name
    • Course number
    • Date of missed clinical
    • # of hours missed
    • Date of make-up clinical and instructor who will be doing make-up clinical
  • Academic clinical site manager determines amount to be billed and notifies assistant to the dean
  • Assistant to the dean sends invoice to student via email and USPS
  • Academic clinical site manager tracks payment and notifications to student and semester coordinator if unpaid

Developed 07/2017, Rev 12/17, Rev 1/18, Rev 12/18