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Awards, Recognitions and Honor Societies

Description: To describe faculty/staff awards, honor societies and student recognitions.

Faculty/Professional Staff Awards:

  1. Dean’s Scholar Award – This award is offered to doctorally-prepared, full-time faculty by invitation of the Leadership Team for summer work on a clinically significant, research-focused project. The amount of money varies, but typically is awarded to two or three faculty, depending on the quality of the proposals. A presentation (e.g., poster, oral, PowerPoint, etc.) of the outcomes is expected for the College of Nursing Research Day. Information about this award is available from any member of the Leadership Team. Proposals are due to the dean in May.
  2. Faculty Award for Excellence in Leadership, Teaching and Scholarship – This award recognizes SDSU faculty in the College of Nursing who demonstrate significant achievements in leadership, teaching and scholarship.
  3. Distinguished Service Award – Nominees for this award may be selected from the following categories: 1) distinguished service to the health care professions, 2) distinguished service to the health care professions in South Dakota, 3) distinguished service to the SDSU College of Nursing.
  4. Civil Service/Professional Staff Award for Excellence – This award recognizes an SDSU civil service or professional staff member currently employed in the College of Nursing who demonstrates significant leadership, commitment or dedication to the mission and values of the College of Nursing.

Faculty and Student Honor Societies:

Sigma Theta Tau International is the honor society of Nursing. Membership is available for students and nurse leaders. Student candidates must demonstrate superior scholastic achievement, academic integrity, and professional leadership potential. Nurse leaders must be a registered nurse, have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field, and demonstrate achievement in nursing. Membership is by invitation only.

Student Recognitions and Awards:

  1. Mary Adams Outstanding Graduating Senior Award – The award recipient is a graduating senior selected by peers based on the following qualities: demonstrated behaviors of “caring for and about people,” ability to lead and love of learning and inquiry. Current guidelines are available in Nursing Student Services.
  2. Academic Excellence Award – This award is given to the Rapid City graduating senior student with the highest cumulative grade point average (CGPA). The award is sponsored by the Rapid City undergraduate faculty.
  3. Evolution Award – This is given to the Rapid City graduating senior who has made the greatest transition from novice student nurse to graduating professional nurse. Descriptive nominations for the award are solicited from the senior class. A committee of two faculty and two students reviews the nomination forms and makes the final selection. This award is sponsored by Foundation Spring Health Care System.
  4. Rural Nurse Fellows – The Undergraduate Rural Nurse Fellowship was developed as part of a federal grant designed to strengthen the use of technology-based learning in order to meet rural health needs. In order to strengthen our partnership with rural health facilities and equip our students with a deep appreciation for the complex role of rural nursing, we adapted our existing senior semester practicum experience to a rural hospital setting. As part of the Rural Nurse Fellowship, coursework completed this semester focused on the unique aspects of rural health care. An Outstanding Rural Nurse Fellow is also recognized.
  5. Outstanding Graduate Student – Each semester, an Outstanding Graduate student is selected by the Graduate Faculty. 
  6. Student Nurses Association – Students are recognized for participation and engagement with the Student Nurses Association during the Pinning Ceremony at their respective sites.

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