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Graduate Preceptor Handbook

Section - College of Nursing


This handbook is for faculty, preceptors and students. Content in this handbook is congruent with professional nursing standards and guidelines listed below, and with the mission, goals and outcomes of the South Dakota State University College of Nursing.

This handbook is maintained by Robin Arends, APRN Program Director and Associate Clinical Professor.

Professional Nursing Standards and Guidelines

  • The Essentials of Master’s Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (AACN, 2011)
  • The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (AACN, 2006)
  • Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs, 5th Edition (NTF, 2016)
  • Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies with Curriculum Content (NONPF, 2017)
  • Common Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Doctoral-Level Competencies (NONPF, 2017)
  • Population Focused Competencies for Nurse Practitioners (NONPF, 2013)

Updated 3/28/2023