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Agenda & Minutes Preparation for Committees

Purpose: Uniformity among all College of Nursing members communicating the work of committees and groups. 

Each College of Nursing committee/team is to use a uniform template for the agenda and minutes. For guidelines on preparing meeting minutes, please see the Minutes Template

  1.   The chairperson (or coordinator) is expected to use the template to create the agenda for each meeting and distribute the agenda in advance. 

  1. The meeting recorder is expected to document the minutes on the template and submit the draft to the chair to review. 

  1. The chair distributes minutes electronically to all committee/team members within two weeks. 

  1. The chairperson retains a copy of all approved committee or team minutes and submits an electronic copy to the Dean’s Office secretary for the permanent record. 

  1. An end of year committee or team report is submitted annually by May 10 to the College of Nursing Dean's Office Secretary. For guidelines on preparing this report, please see the End of Year Report Template.   

College of Nursing career service staff record and distribute the minutes for the following meetings: 

  1.  Undergraduate Faculty 

  1. Site-specific Faculty 

  1. College of Nursing Organization 

  1. Graduate Faculty 

  1. Ph.D. Committee 

  1. Graduate Admissions  

Formerly Policy# C1560
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Reviewed by the Bylaws and Handbook Committee: 09/24/2018