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DOE Regional Feedstock Partnership

Projections have been made that approximately 1.3 billion tons of cellulosic biomass could be available annually in the United States for the production of alternative liquid fuels, chemicals, and power. To explore this possibility, the Department of Energy and the Sun Grant Initiative formed the Regional Feedstock Partnership. Each of the five Sun Grant regions conducted workshops with experts from academia, the national laboratories, federal and state governments, the private sector, and public interest groups. In each region, the potential production of diverse biomass feedstocks was evaluated, obstacles and knowledge gaps were considered, and research needs and priorities were identified. Teams of the nation's leading scientists were then formed to further assess biomass feedstock potentials, to initiate field trials of the most promising options at the regional and national level, and to estimate and begin enhancing the nation's bioenergy production potential through the findings from this research and other data.

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DOE Congressionally Directed Project (CDP) Highlights of Completed Projects:

  • Baldwin, Brian - "Seed Technologies to Secure Rapid and Complete Switchgrass Establishment"
  • Capareda, Sergio - "Optimizing the Logistics of a Mobile Fast Pyrolysis System for Sustainable Bio-crude Oil Production"
  • Darr, Matthew - "Corn Stover Densification and Storage"
  • Heaton, Emily - "Do Nurse Crops Make Miscanthus x giganteus Establishment More Sustainable?"
  • Morey, Vance - "Improving Handling Characteristics of Herbaceous Biomass"

DOE Regional Feedstock Partnership (RFP) Highlights:

Species Highlights (Spring 2014):
  • Cereal Residue
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
  • Corn Stover
  • Energycane
  • Miscanthus
  • Poplar
  • Sorghum
  • Switchgrass
  • Willow
Biomass Resource Assessment Highlights (Spring 2014):
  • GIS- North Central Region Biomass Resource Assessment
  • GIS- Northeast Region Biomass Resource Assessment
  • GIS- South Central Region Biomass Resource Assessment
  • GIS- Southeast Region Biomass Resource Assessment
  • GIS- Western Region Biomass Resource Assessment

DOT Highlights of Completed Projects:

  • Gibbons, William - "Developing a Sustainable Feedstock and Next-Generation Processing Technologies for Biofuels Production"
  • Ruan, Roger - "Sustainable Renewable Energy Systems for Practical Utilization of Bulky Biomass"

USDA Highlights of Completed Projects:

  • Wu, Yajun - "Enhancing Biomass Production in Alfalfa"
  • Zhou, Ruanbao - "CO2: An Emerging Feedstock for Direct Production of Third-Generation Biofuels"

Combined Funding Agency Highlights:

  • Wei, Lin & Julson, James - "(DOE, DOD, DOT) Biomass-Derived Drop-In Fuels for Renewable Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel Production"