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DOE Regional Feedstock Partnership

About the partnership

The Regional Feedstock Partnership was formed in 2008 by the US Department of Energy and the Sun Grant Initiative to address issues associated with the development of a sustainable and projectable supply of cellulosic feedstocks. Regional field trials (see US map below) were established with multiple key herbaceous feedstocks (energycane, Miscanthus x giganteus, mixed grasses on Conservation Reserve Program land, sorghum, and switchgrass), woody feedstocks (poplar and willow), and corn residues.

A summary report of Partnership activities and impacts was recently completed. This report along with accompanying appendices can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Regional Feedstock Partnership Summary Report: Enabling the Billion-Ton Vision.

Yield data from these trials have also been used to develop national projected yield maps using PRSIM EM, an environmental model developed at Oregon State University and in the recently released US DOE  2016 Billion-Ton Report: Advancing Domestic Resources for a Thriving Bioeconomy, Volume I.

Regional Feedstock Partnership Field Trial Locations

Regional Feedstock Partnership Field Trials