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Kimball presents poster at ASHP Midyear Meeting on work completed through the Community Practice Innovation Center

Kimball presenting poster at ASHP meeting

Jordan Kimball, a student from SDSU’s College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions, presented a poster at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) annual Midyear Meeting and Exhibition. This year’s meeting was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 4-8 and was a gathering of more than 20,000 pharmacy students and professionals from around the world.

Kimball is a PharmD student in his final year, who is set to graduate in May 2023. As a PharmD student, Kimball has worked with the Community Practice Innovation Center (CPIC) on a major CDC-funded project. The 1815 Project focuses on the prevention on management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in South Dakota.

Kimball’s poster, titled “Assessing the Impact of a Central Pharmacist Coordinator and Medication Therapy Management Training on Patient Interventions Across a Midwest Community Pharmacy Chain,” detailed work completed through The 1815 Project. According to his poster, the primary objective of this work was to “assess the impact of the training and coordination on provision of MTM services.”

MTM stands for Medication Therapy Management. establishing resources and awareness for MTM is a major emphasis of The 1815 Project.

MTM takes many forms but generally involves the pharmacist sitting down with a patient, reviewing their medications for appropriateness, efficacy, safety, and adherence issues, and providing education and interventions independently or alongside other members of the healthcare team.   

The results of the work showed that the demand for MTM services is increasing. Additionally, the use of APhA trainings and the implementation of coordination efforts from a central pharmacists showed potential to increase the number of successful MTM services delivered, thereby helping to meet the increasing demand.

Kimball noted that while at the ASHP Midyear Meeting, “several pharmacists who I spoke with agreed that MTM delivery needed to change and they really liked our central pharmacist model.”

While the work in the poster showed the usefulness of the implementation model developed, Kimball’s hope is that “in the future our model will continue to be successful and adopted by other practice sites.”

For Kimball, working on The 1815 Project “has given me a wide range of useful life skills, including professional networking, time management, and hands-on research experience. It enabled me to improve my leadership and teamwork abilities as I collaborated with other students and faculty.”

Attending the ASHP Midyear Meeting and Exhibition also proved a valuable experience for him as a student and future pharmacist. “My favorite aspect of the Midyear conference was discussing pharmacy practice with colleagues from all practice backgrounds. I really enjoyed the conversations I had during the poster session.”

After graduating in May, Kimball hopes to complete a post-graduate residency program at a large medical center in Sioux Falls as he continues his career in pharmacy.

Kimball noted the importance of the mentorship he’s received during his time in the SDSU PharmD program, and working with CPIC. “I'd just like to say that this project would not be possible without the involvement of my amazing Co-authors. I’d like to extend a big thank you to: Dr. Aaron Hunt, Dr. Alex Middendorf Dr. Erin Miller, Dr. Deidra Van Gilder, Dr. Chris Robbins, Ms. Hiruni Amarasekara, and our department head Dr. Sharrel Pinto. Thank you for your countless hours and support in making this project and this poster a reality.”

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