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School of Design creates Director’s Art and Design Council

The School of Design has created a Director’s Art and Design Council. The council will provide insight and inspiration to the director to assist with guiding the School of Design.

The inaugural Director’s Art and Design Council has been established with six founding members representing diverse art and design enterprises. Members include:

  • Ed Bennett, a 1993 SDSU graduate in graphic design and fine arts painting and current executive vice president of 10 Thousand Design
  • Terry Berkbuegler, senior principal and landscape architect at Confluence
  • Jeff Davis, regional leader of planning, urban design and landscape architecture at HOK
  • Dale Lamphere, South Dakota Artist Laureate
  • Stacey McMahan, principal and director of design operations at Koch-Hazard
  • Jared Nesje, principal and chief executive officer at TSP

The mission of the council is to “provide reflective advice, feedback, counsel and constructive assessment to the School of Design for their pursuit of an ever-improving level of program excellence.”

Members serve a two-to-three-year term. During their term, they attend one in-person meeting each year and have conference phone calls as needed. They also work to recruit students, secure internships and scholarships and raise funds for the school. The council has a unique breadth of experience among members, spanning across the built environment and visual arts. Work experiences have ranged from projects with big corporations, designing facilities for higher education, government and nonprofit agencies, sustainable design, transportation enhancement and creating public works of art.

The creation of this council contributes to the vision of the school to “to serve the public good through engaged scholarship, creative activities, innovative research and stewardship within a global society.”

Pat Crawford, director of the School of Design, said the input of the council has been beneficial to the school already. “The council is advancing the school’s unique curriculum which is shaped to provide strategic opportunities for interprofessional experiences, at the right moment and when our students are ready.”

One goal of this council is to benefit faculty and students by widening their perspectives and cultural opportunities through additional travel abroad opportunities, advancing interdisciplinary learning through capstone experiences, supporting innovation in employability and developing necessary skills for the workforce through research and council engagement. Members can develop unique relationships with students in the School of Design through their mentorship, while also recruiting future employees for their firms.